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A Large Percentage of PC's will Not ROLL into the Year 2000 Properly. So we devised Y2KANSWR.COM and Y2KREPLY.COM, to assist the affected PC's with Rolling into the Year 2000. This utility uses less than 450 bytes of memory! We have an On-Line diagnostic utility that will test your system to see if it will Rollover properly, and tell you if you need our fix. In some cases you may need to download CheckY2K.COM or Y2KCheck.COM a more comprehensive diagnostic utility that includes a reboot Test.

Download the latest version 6.0 of Y2KANSWR.COM and Y2KREPLY.COM version 4.0, which use less memory, with increased support for the Award Bios situations.

What is the Personal Computer Year 2000 Problem?

When the Personal Computers (PCs) were originally designed its designers did not consider what would occur when the year reached 2000. The original design would only properly track the years up to December 31, 1999. The PC represented a year in a format with two digits for the century (19) and two digits for the year (98). As each year passed, the years field incremented, but the century field remained constant at (19). A flawed PC once the date reaches December 31, 1999 at midnight, the year field will increment to "00", however, the century field will remain at "19" showing a date of 1900. Therefore, when the year reaches 2000 most PC's will represent the year as 1900 instead of 2000. The PC's that increment the century field from "19" to "20" are representing the date in a millenium format (MM/DD/YYYY), which will track dates properly into the twenty- first century. For more detailed information Click here.

Most PC's can be enabled to handle it properly by a BIOS upgrade. Systems that do not handle it properly maybe able to set the date manually, after the date reaches 01-01-2000. The systems that can not have a BIOS upgrade can use a small Terminate-and-Stay-Resident (TSR) program that is loaded during startup. The utilities we have are called Y2KANSWR.COM and Y2KREPLY.COM.

On-Line Compliance Test

  • The BIOS date year increments from 1999 to 2000 instead of 1900, normally referred to as the BIOS Rollover Test.
    • Test to see if the PC accepts manual settings in the Year 2000, only if the PC fails the Rollover Test.
  • The BIOS handles the Leap Year in the Year 2000 properly.

Click here to test your Computer System for Compliance. If your browser asks you what you want to do with this file, choose "Open". Launch the program. It will Test your computer and display a result. However, if your browser is Netscape Navigator your only option is to save. If your computer passes the rollover, you will see this message:

This System is Hardware Year 2000 Compliant

If your computer is not Year 2000-compliant, you may see this message:

Y2KANSWR.COM or Y2KREPLY.COM can be used to repair your systems,

Hardware Year 2000 Compliance situation. Download an evaluation copy.

When the BIOS fails the Rollover Test, passes the manual setting test, and passes the leap year test it should be able to accept dates in the year 2000. Once the year 2000 date is reached, if setting the date manually is not acceptable Y2KANSWR or Y2KREPLY can be used to resolve the situation.

The on-line test does not include a reboot test, which is required for a few systems that fail the Hardware Year 2000 Compliance Test. The on-line test checks the system BIOS to see if a reboot test is required. If your system fails the compliance test the utility will tell you if your system is a candidate for our Year 2000 hardware fixed called Y2KANSWR.COM or Y2KREPLY.COM. Some computers require more comprehensives testing, which includes a reboot test. That is why we created a utilities titled CHECKY2K.COM & Y2KCHECK.COM, if your system fails the utility will inform you if Y2KANSWR.COM or Y2KREPLY.COM may fix the problem.



Click here to download a copies of CHECKY2K.COM, Y2KCheck, Y2KANSWR.COM, and Y2KREPLY.COM

For OnLine Purchase of Single Machine Licenses.

Click here for Y2KANSWR.COM license.

Click here for Y2KREPLY.COM license.

For Multiple Computers and Site Licenses Contact Us directly for volume discounts.

Copyrights Information

Copyright notice:

CheckY2K, Y2KCheck, NetY2kCk, Y2KREPLY and Y2KANSWR are Copyright 1998, Dennis R Blanks Computer Consultant, Los Angeles. All rights are reserved.

Permission is granted to freely copy, distribute and use the evaluation programs in its complete, unmodified version.

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