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Y2KANSWR.COM & Y2KREPLY.COM will check for the year reaching 2000, and changes the century byte in the RTC from "19" to "20" once the year reaches 2000. Both utilities intercepts the 1AH function 04h BIOS Read Real Time Clock Day Time of Day Services, and puts the correct century byte field each time that Interrupt Service Routine is called. The two solutions for the Year 2000 situation differ only in two aspects, Y2KANSWR.COM checks for the year changes once after the Day Rollover Flag has been set, however, Y2KREPLY.COM checks for the year changes each time that INT 08H (18.2 times per second) is called. Once they recognize the year change both immediately write the proper century field to the BIOS. There are a few utilities that check for Live RTC Rollover (Direct I/O), which Y2KREPLY.COM answers to.

This Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program uses less than 500 bytes of memory space to accomplish the required tasks. The evaluation software is free for personal use; however, business's need to purchase a site or users license. The TSR's work with DOS, Windows 3.X/95/98.

Click here to download the evaluation copy of Y2KANSWR.COM version 3.0.

Click here to download the evaluation copy of Y2KREPLY.COM version 1.0.


Create a subdirectory called 'Y2K'.

Copy Y2KANSWR.COM or Y2KREPLY.COM in the Y2K subdirectory.

It is necessary to execute Y2KANSWR.COM or Y2KREPLY.COM in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. For example, place the following line statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:


Insert the line statement early in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Insure that you use only one TSR at a time either Y2KANSWR or Y2KREPLY.

If you have any problems, or any questions or suggestions about the diagnostics, Y2KANSWR.COM, or Y2KREPLY.COM utility, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate any and all feedback.


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No warranty of performance or compatibility is expressed or implied. Every effort has been made to make this software program deliver as this documentation illustrates, but the accuracy for your application or environment cannot be certain. We cannot assume responsibility for the failure of this software program, nor for any consequence of its use. You are encouraged to test the applicability of this program to your requirements and to verify the test results to your satisfaction with valid testing procedures.

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